¿La cirugía plástica es para todos?

¿La cirugía plástica es para todos?

Berry tart with chocolate crust

I like summer time. You can spend a lot of time outside, go to the seaside, particularly I like summer mornings, when you can wake up early, go to the garden, pluck some fresh berries and make a delicious breakfast for all the members of your family. Summer gives us opportunity to turn on all our creativity in the kitchen and do experiments with dishes. It is fruit and berries season now, so we can prepare fresh, tasty cakes, biscuits and tarts. Lately I captured the process of preparing a berry tart with chocolate crust by restaurant chef, who was explaining all the details, which are very important in this operation.

It was an exciting experience in my life. I was capturing the process, but also was some times involving directly in preparing. What can I say about restaurant chefs? They are really food geeks.

The dessert was perfect and yummy. After the shooting we ate it and talk about our favorite sweet dishes. I like a carrot cake, which was made by my granny, who had a special recipe of it.

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